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Our products are all sourced from controlled wood managed natural forests.

Samartex is sourcing the raw material from forests, which are known for centuries to provide the best quality of tropical forest wood.

Our modern veneer plant produces up to 1.000.000m2 veneers per month. When it comes to veneer production, two essential factors are most influential on the quality of the product: the experience and knowledge of the people who process the veneers and a sustainable supply of the highest grade of logs.

Having put in place a system that ensures the continuous development and education of our human resource based on one of the most advanced forest management techniques.

 Social Responsibility Agreement

  • Act 547(section 3E, section 20), LI 2254, section 11(D) provide the legal framework for the implementation of the SRA. Timber and wood processing industries are required to pay 5% of stumpage to beneficiary communities which are all within a 5km radius of our operational areas.
  • Samartex was already making such payments to fringe communities before the implementation of a more formalised and streamlined social responsibility agreement in 2004.



It should be noted that aside from fulfilling all legally required financial obligations to the government and traditional institutions within its jurisdiction, Samartex goes beyond providing services and other benefits to various communities

As a responsible cooperate citizen Samartex is committed to fostering mutually beneficial relationships with the communities it operates in not only within the context of the law of the host jurisdiction but also within the confines of policies that cover all facets of good corporate citizenship. Our employees are encouraged to play an active role in community affairs.

Samartex has an ambitious vision for corporate social responsibility to ensure our responsible account of our economic, social, and environmental impacts based on the following policies: -

Board of Directors

Mr. Kurt Ditz - Chairman 
Mr. Philip Brown - Member
Mr. Edward Prah - Member
Mr. Fosuaba Banahene - Member
Mr. Richard Duah Nsenkyire - Member
Mr. Kweku Brenu - Secretary

Top Management Team

Mr. Richard Duah Nsenkyire - Managing Director
Mr. Ransford Quaidoo - General Manager

  Extended Management Team 

Mr. Armin Dubnitski              - Technical Director
Mr. Thomas Gyimah             - Human Resource Manager
Mr. Vincent Beble                 - Assistant HR Manager
Mr. Upali Katuwawalage      - Chief Engineer 
Dr. Charles Miezah              - Chief Resident Medical Doctor
Dr. Tijani Yussif                     - Resident Doctor
Mr. Francis Hemene            - Civil Engineer
Mr. Philip Adzrah                  - Deputy Transport manager
Mr. Justice Eshun                 - Forest Co-ordinator
Mr. Fritz Osei-Amoah           - Forest/Roads Operations Manager
Mr. Kelly Smith                     - Head of IT & MIS
Miss. Christina Nkoom         - Hospital Administrator
Mr. B. M. Piyathilake            - Maintenance Engineer
Mr. Nii Adjei Tawiah             - MIS Manager
Mr. Raymondo Dialuang       - Mouldingmill Manager
Mr. Nelson Amelordi             - Plantations Manager
Mr. Douglass Amponsah      - Plymill Manager
Mr. Fredrick Yeboah            - Plymill Maintenance Manager
Mr. Clement Densu             - Plymill  Manager
Mr. Peter A. Atampugre        - Power House Manager
Mr. Evans Amoakoh             - Production Co-ordinator
Mr. Jesus Gonzales              - Roads Manager
Mr. Solomon Angate            - Sawmill Manager
Mr. Jeonard Vecillas            - Sawmill Maintenance Engineer
Mr. Richard Arkoh                - Sawmill Maintenance Manage
Mr. Clifford Infante               - Stores Manager
Mr. Andrews Kofi Amani       - Takoradi Office Manager
Mr. Ganesh Yandamuri        - Transport Co-ordinator
Mr. Isaac Tuffour                  - Veneermill Manager
Mr. Samuel Asamoah          - Veneermill Maintenance Manager
Mr. Daniel Fobil                    - Workshop Manager