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13 Jul 2014

The provision and effective use of Health and Safety materials for all categories of employees in all spheres of the company’s operations is paramount to the attainment of the goal and vision of the company.

Managing the Health and Safety needs of a variety of employees has been entrusted in the hands of a Safety Committee whose responsibility is to make regular checks on the employees while at their duties and to enforce the use of the gadgets supplied to them by the designated section.

It is imperative that workers are adequately protected to forestall any calamity or risk which could befall the employee.
A section of the forestry staff requires as Wellington Boots, Raincoats, Cutlasses among others for use especially in the enumeration areas, Nose Mask, Ear Muffler, Rubber and Leather Gloves are also used by the operators in the use of the Chainsaw Machines.

Portable water is always transported in Water Tankers to the forest operational areas where it is very difficult to get access to clean water apart from streams which may not be good enough for the health of our cherished employees.

The various categories of drivers from the Saloon, Tippers, and Loggers to the Caterpillar drivers / operators are all taken through various safety training periodically to decrease if not eradicate the occurrence of avoidable accidents which could take a toll not only on the precious lives of employees but could also shorten the durability of the much needed machines and vehicles in the sustenance of the company.

In addition to these, Fire Extinguishers have been made available at all needed points of the factory whilst Fire Hydrants has either been repaired or installed at accessible areas for ready use in case of any fire outbreak.

Statistics available over the last five (5) years from 2010 to the middle of 2014 indicate a drastic improvement of industrial accidents due to the pragmatic approach taken by the management of the company through its designated personnel who have executed their tasks very well to achieve targets set.

The year 2010 recorded industrial accidents of 31, 2011 recorded 28, 2012 registered 26, 2013 had 22 with the half year of 2014 registering only 8 which is a vast improvement in the prevention rate. Over this period there were only three (3) fatal accidents two (2) in the forest and one (1) at the Sawmill department.

Thus, Messrs Thomas Asaase Gyimah and Dr. Arnor Aigner have been able to cater and manage the needs of the factory / forestry and the Fire Brigade respectively.

Dr. Anor who has been assigned the oversight responsibilities for the Fire Brigade has been working assiduously to make the previously dormant section to tick and to be abreast with time. Since the beginning of the year, the company has imported two (2) modern Fire tenders to help curb the oft fire occurrence in and around the factory and the company bungalows and quarters.

Various departmental groups have also been formed who are being drilled through various training in putting out fires. This has actually given them the needed knowhow and confidence to fight any raging fire which could emanate from the factory as a result of our production execution as was the case when a section of the Veneer Mill got burnt destroying volumes per cubic meters of finished products and sheds which cost the company millions of dollars in revenue and repair works..

Notwithstanding the monumental strides made over the past couple of years in the field of Safety, management of the company continues to bring health services to the door step of the workers and their families at home.

This is demonstrated by the magnificent services offered at the Samartex Hospital which provides medical care 24 hours a day to its numerous patients from the company employees and their families as well as to the citizens of Samreboi Township and its environs comprising towns, villages’ cottages and hamlets all scattered in a radius of about 30 kilometers.

The National Health Insurance Scheme is pursued to the hilt relieving patients needing both emergency and normal services to benefit in spite of the bottlenecks involved in its repayment of funds spent by the hospitals involved.

A greater focus on our Hospital and its structures shall be digressed more in our next feature to delve an insight into their marvelous operations which has not only augmented the health needs of the company’s employees but indeed has brought health services at a cheaper cost to the door step of the inhabitants in the middle of the forest belt of Ghana


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