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Samartex | The Leading Wood Processing Company In Ghana - Main Section

Samartex | The Leading Wood Processing Company In Ghana - Main Component



30 Mar 2017

A 93 Bed hospital facility, caring for over 2,000 employees and 4,300 dependants of employees .as well as over 3,500 private patients monthly , from about 56 communities within four districts .

Our facilities include , A male ward , female ward ,children’s ward , fully equipped laboratory , Microbiology laboratory , Casualty ,A maternity ward ,Theatre , X-ray , and Scan unit , Pharmacy , 24 Hr Ambulance service , a complete blood count machine with blood bank.

Our hospital has a staff strength of 72 ( Medical Staff and Other Supporting Staff )

We have minimum three medical doctors at post at any given time , and we also provide ophthalmologist and physiotherapy services for the Samreboi community and its environs .

Hospital Development And Skill Upgrade

  • Two senior nurses trained for cervical screening and are currently operating the unit , carrying out VIA  and PAP Smear
  • Transfusion medical unit Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital train our doctors and nurses on safe blood transfusion practices.
  • Neonatology training carried out for Midwives.

Samartex Collaborates with Medtroniks USA

This collaboration is basically for monitoring and controlling blood pressure of patients and potential patients ( Workers and non workers ) via an app which has been designed to remotely check and control B.P. This is done in collaboration with CHPPS compounds , which are equipped with digital tablets to share BP readings and information with Samartex Hospital through the "AKOMAPA APP"

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