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Samartex | The Leading Wood Processing Company In Ghana - Main Section

Samartex | The Leading Wood Processing Company In Ghana - Main Component



04 Feb 2019

2018 saw significant strides in the advancement of healthcare provision. Patients have had to endure undue stress when directed to travel to bigger cities to undertake certain investigations or to undertake certain specialist procedures not available at our hospital.

The decision was thus taken to further expand these services. The laboratory saw a significant injection of capital in the areas of Biochemistry, Blood Transfusion and Haematology.

A series of Chemistry Analyzers, Clotting analyzers and Haematology Analyzers were procured to address these issues. An equipment to monitor diabetics (HBA1C) was also procured to help manage our numerous diabetics and better.

Huge investments were made to bring our X-ray back into running order with further investment in accessory equipment, e.g. a voltage stabilizers for the whole radiology unit.

The casualty has seen an expansion from a 3bed to an 11bed facility. New 3-crank beds with complete bedside cabinets, monitors, and a new Electrocardiography machine have been procured for the unit and work is being done on the oxygen delivery system.

In a bid to curb early neonatal deaths, Maternal and Fetal Monitors (Cardiotocography) have been procured to optimize outcomes of deliveries.

A new Sonographer capable of handling advanced ultrasonography has been employed to beef up the section.

A new Laboratory Scientist has been employed to further improve outcomes of our Microbiology investigations like cultures etc.

A new unit for Cervical Cancer Screening has been set up.IMG 2804

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