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Samartex | The Leading Wood Processing Company In Ghana - Main Section

Samartex | The Leading Wood Processing Company In Ghana - Main Component


Our Social Responsibility Policies

  • To promote activities that brings simultaneous economic and social benefits.
  • Encourage innovative approaches and continued development and application of best practice-corporate governance.
  • Ensure a decent minimum level of performance in areas such as health and safety, the environment and equal opportunities.
  • Work in partnership with the private sector, community bodies and other stakeholders to alleviate poverty through agro forestry and other alternative livelihood schemes.
  • Encourage increased awareness, open constructive dialogue and trust between our workforce and other stakeholders.
  • Employment policy that ensures compliance with all legislation designed to ensure equal treatment an the elimination of discrimination.
  • To develop the human resource base of the area through training.

As a responsible corporate citizen Samartex is committed

to fostering mutually beneficial relationships with the communities it operates in not only within the context of the law of the host jurisdiction, but also within the confines of policies that cover all facets of good corporate citizenship. Our employees are encouraged to play an active role in community affairs.

Samartex has an ambitious vision for corporate social responsibility to ensure our responsible account of our economic, social and environmental impacts based on the following policies: -

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