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Samartex | The Leading Wood Processing Company In Ghana - Main Section

Samartex | The Leading Wood Processing Company In Ghana - Main Component



Thursday, 30 March 2017 17:03


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Samartex School Complex

  • Samartex School Complex Provides Fee- Free Education For Wards Of Employees And Non-Employees With Total Enrollment Of 1,315, Admitted Into Our Kindergateen, Primary And Junior High School.
  • Management Awards Scholarships To Pupils Who Excel In The B.E.C.E To Further Their Education Into Senior High School And Even Up To The Tertiary Level For Students With Consistent Impressive Performances. Brilliant But Needy Students Are Given Priority.
  • This is extended to traditional areas, with the company contributing to the Kasapreko Schorlarship Fund.

 IMG 7423IMG 7418IMG 7423IMG 7447IMG 7429IMG 7444

Thursday, 30 March 2017 17:02


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A 93 Bed hospital facility, caring for over 2,000 employees and 4,300 dependants of employees .as well as over 3,500 private patients monthly, from about 56 communities within four districts.

Our facilities include A male ward, a female ward, a children’s ward, a fully equipped laboratory, a Microbiology laboratory, Casualty, A maternity ward, Theatre, X-ray, and Scan unit, Pharmacy, 24 Hr Ambulance service, a complete blood count machine with a blood bank.

Our hospital has a staff strength of 72 ( Medical Staff and Other Supporting Staff )

We have a minimum of three medical doctors on duty at any given time, and we also provide ophthalmologist and physiotherapy services for the Samreboi community and its environs.

Hospital Development And Skill Upgrade

  • Two senior nurses trained for cervical screening and are currently operating the unit, carrying out VIA  and PAP Smear
  • Transfusion medical unit Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital trains our doctors and nurses on safe blood transfusion practices.
  • Neonatology training carried out for Midwives.

Samartex Collaborates with Medtroniks USA

This collaboration is basically for monitoring and controlling the blood pressure of patients and potential patients ( Workers and non-workers) via an app that has been designed to remotely check and control B.P. This is done in collaboration with CHPPS compounds, which are equipped with digital tablets to share BP readings and information with Samartex Hospital through the "AKOMAPA APP"

 Samartex Hospital views

Samartex_Hospital_walkway.jpg    Samartex_Hospital_environment1.jpg 
 Samartex COVID-19 Isolation centre    
 Samartex_Isolation_ward_entrance.jpg     Samartex_Isolation_Nurses_Observation.jpg
 Isolation center entrance    Isolation center entrance
Samartex_Isolation_wards.jpg   20210310_112843.jpg
 Beds in the Isolation center    Isolation center nurses observation station
 Samartex Laboratory    
Samartex-Lab.jpg   Samartex-Lab-1.jpg
 Samartex Ward  Samartex X-Ray Departemtn
ward.jpg    Samartex X-Ray_Department.jpg
 Samartex Chirendrens Ward          
 childrens ward.jpg    








Thursday, 30 March 2017 17:01


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FC SAMARTEX 1996 is a registered GFA (Ghana Football Association) Football Club, which is currently in the Division One Level, aiming to qualify to the Premier League.

The club was initially set up as a weekend recreational source for employees and all other interested inhabitants of Samreboi. As the level of competition, professionalism, and quality of players augmented, the management of Samartex put in more investment resulting in the club moving from Division 3 to Division 1.

The club currently employs 36 staff: footballers, technical team, and others, who are all under company payroll, all accommodated by the company. There is also a football academy, aimed at grooming local talent to develop into the main football team and even become national assets in the future.

Our facilities include a hostel for playing body, an academy, a gym, stadium with 3 dressing rooms.


Board members                                          

1            George Dadzie (chairman)         

2            Richard Duah Nsenkyire             

3            Ransford Quaidoo                       

4            Joseph Blay                     

5            John Ackah                      

6            Nana Kwabena Asmah                                       


Management team members                                     

1           John Davies      

2           Evans Amoakoh             

3          Solomon Blay   

4         Offei Ansah      

5         Godfred Frimpong Manu           

6          Kwasi Abonoma Katakyie Mensah          

7         Thomas Assasie-Gyimah            

8         Simpson Bless Danquah            


Please  see for more information

DSC_8426.jpg     DSC_8433.jpg
 DSC_8419.jpg    DSC_8391.jpg
 DSC_8421.jpg    DSC_8339.jpg
 c33657ca 5e04 49c8 bd7f 88b0e32fbb5d    social_3.jpg
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Monday, 27 April 2015 11:34


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  • Apart from supplying her employees with potable treated drinking water, Samartex extends provision of free treated pipe borne water to inhabitants of communities within Samreboi like; Nsuakyir, Aboifie and Bekwai.
  • The total monthly supply of water to these communities amounts to 36,000m3 with a total chemical cost of approximately, GH₵315,000 for treatment annually
  • Samartex has gone further to install 7 additional Boreholes within close by Communities where its water supply does not reach eg. Tigarikrom, Bekwai, Nyamebekyere and Mempeasem Borehole Projects

However there have been challenges facing the company in the aspect of water treatment. Illegal/ Legally claimed mining activities have increased turbidity of water from the Tano River, requiring more chemical treatment. This directly affects cost of production as well as Portability of drinking water. This compelled us to opt for the construction of more bore holes for production and communities.

  • A population of over 400,000 people benefits from Samartex constructed and maintained road network eg. Samreboi to Dadiesoaba, Dadiesoaba to Sureso, Samreboi to Abokyia, Abokyia to Nyankoman, NHyankoman to Amowie, Mile4 to Anguzu, Yiwaboa Nkwanta to Tetteh Junction, Amoaku to Ohiamatuo, Freetown to Accra Village, Hyamennae Congo. Also pothole filling on roads such as Sureso to Manso Amenfi
  • Totaling 160kilometers. Cutting across three (3) districts, an annual estimated cost of between GH¢ 1,000,000  and GH¢ 1,300,000  is required and used in maintaining this road network
  • Jobs carried out include:


            Reshaping and Gravelling

            Pot Holes Filling


            Pushing and Formation

            Bridge and Culverts Construction and Repairs

2019 roads.JPG


2020 roads.JPG


 Aboi Nkwanta Before1.png    Aboi Nkwanta After.png
 Aboi Nkwanta Before  Aboi Nkwanta After
 Tano River Steer Bridge collapsed State.png    Tano River Steer Bridge collapsed State after.png
 Tano River Steer Bridge collapsed State before  Tano River Steer Bridge collapsed State After
Samreboi Town Project Before1.jpg       Samreboi Town Project After-1.jpg  
 Samreboi Town Project: Before  Samreboi Town Project: After
 Pensanom Amuni before2.jpg    Pensanom Amuni after1.jpg
 Pensanom Amuni: Before    Pensanom Amuni: After
 Bisaaso Bride Before1.jpg      Bisaaso Bride After1.jpg
 Bisaaso Bride: Before  Bisaaso Bride After
 Abochia Road Before.JPG    Abochia Road After.JPG
Abochia Road: Before   Abochia Road: After

 Social Responsibility Agreement

  • Act 547(section 3E, section 20), LI 2254, section 11(D) provide the legal framework for the implementation of the SRA. Timber and wood processing industries are required to pay 5% of stumpage to beneficiary communities which are all within a 5km radius of our operational areas.
  • Samartex was already making such payments to fringe communities before the implementation of a more formalised and streamlined social responsibility agreement in 2004.



It should be noted that aside from fulfilling all legally required financial obligations to the government and traditional institutions within its jurisdiction, Samartex goes beyond providing services and other benefits to various communities

As a responsible cooperate citizen Samartex is committed to fostering mutually beneficial relationships with the communities it operates in not only within the context of the law of the host jurisdiction but also within the confines of policies that cover all facets of good corporate citizenship. Our employees are encouraged to play an active role in community affairs.

Samartex has an ambitious vision for corporate social responsibility to ensure our responsible account of our economic, social, and environmental impacts based on the following policies: -

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